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Cindy’s Story

Age: 63

Seattle, Washington


I used to have a regular exercise routine: hiking and biking during the summer, walking and doing at-home exercise tapes during the dark, gloomy winter. Then my mom got sick. She lived on the other side of the state, so I had to make the drive at least a dozen times over a five-month period.

During those long hours of driving and caretaking, I didn’t think about the damage I was doing to my body — there were just too many important tasks that had to be done. However, once my mom passed and I had a moment to rest, the aches and pains really started. I tried my regular routine of walking and yoga, but nothing helped the horrible back pain. I couldn’t do my normal activities, either. If I sat in my chair for five minutes, it was agony just to stand up!

I wasn’t used to having such debilitating back pain. It was rather depressing not to be able to do my regular routine. I thought, “How am I going to get out of this?”

Then I saw a Facebook ad for Nuspine’s online exercise and education program. I decided to sign up. I was ready to try anything to get rid of my pain!

The first time I logged into, I watched the day’s video module and took notes. Because the same modules repeat over multiple days, I caught on pretty quick. Now I play the videos on my desktop and do the exercises on the floor. I am very familiar with the postures in each of the five video modules, so I only need to listen to the trainer to know what to do.

Over the first two weeks of the program, I didn’t notice a whole lot of change. But I stuck with it. By the third week, I realized that the benefits of the exercises had kicked in. I was finally able to get through my day without a complaint!

Now that I’ve completed Nuspine’s 30-day program, I log into my account to review my favorite videos. I save the Nuspine emails in my inbox so it’s easy to log in and pick out a video that I want to do for the day.

I find that if I do a Nuspine video in the morning, I feel more energized for my long daily walks. I have also noticed that the program’s breathing exercises give me better clarity for the day. I have to keep up with my exercises, especially when work and other stressful issues take me out of my normal routine.

Because of Nuspine, I can do my exercise tapes without feeling worse pain. I can even get through more difficult exercises. Finally, I feel like myself again!

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