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Danger’s Story

Age: 74

Caregiver Corbin, KY


I am the primary caregiver for my 96-year-old mother, so I’m with her almost 24/7. I have some neck and lower back pain, probably because I often have to lift my mother. That puts a huge strain on my back. I have poor posture to begin with, and I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer in between caring for my mom. Plus, sometimes my sciatica will act up, so I try to do stretches when I wake up every day. It’s rare that I have a chance to get out of the house and go to the gym!

I learned about Nuspine through Facebook. The program was excellent. It included everything from lunges to yoga to balancing — even breathing exercises. I worked the daily videos into the routine I was already doing at home. Every day I’d go for a two-mile walk, complete a Nuspine video on my dining room floor — and in 40 minutes, I’d be finished with my workout for the day!

It’s human nature to put things off. Even I do, and I was a teacher and coach for 40 years. But Nuspine made me get involved right away. The program’s videos and “tips” section were really useful. Through the program, I could easily progress from breathing, to strength training, to more intense exercises.

Everything Nuspine is doing is outstanding in my mind. I’m 74, and I think this program is especially helpful for my age group. In fact, I would put it in every senior center in the country! I’ve shared the program on Facebook, and my friends have visited the website and signed up. I’m a believer in fundamentals – it’s really the core of everything in life. I’m convinced that sticking with Nuspine’s program will lead to a stronger spine and core, less pain as I age, and a better life overall.

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