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“It’s been awhile since I’ve skied, but with the help of Nuspine, this just might be the year! ”

Virginia Bowden

Age: 59

“I really can’t say enough good about this program – and it’s a heck of a lot better than having an operation!”

Richard Sharesh

Age: 81

“Nuspine’s focus on breathing and alignment were just what I needed.”

Kelley Whittenburg

Age: 46

“I wasn’t used to having such debilitating back pain. It was rather depressing not to be able to do my regular routine.”

Cindy Nelson

Age: 63

“I’m convinced that sticking with the Nuspine program will lead to a stronger spine and core”

Danger Smith

Age: 74

“Overall, I definitely feel a lot stronger since starting Nuspine and I’m still really happy.”

Catherine Naughton

Age: 51

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